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SkinnersHarvey & Maria Skinner are missionaries with the Assemblies of God USA. Harvey came to Christ from a non-Christian background at the age of eighteen during the Jesus Movement period in the early 1970's. Growing up as a non-Christian helped him to understand and relate to those who have never had a Christian background or lived in a Christian environment.

When Jesus changed his life, he knew the only thing that made sense was to follow Jesus, so when the Lord spoke to his heart he joined a Pentecostal evangelistic ministry, which he worked with for fifteen years. During those fifteen years, his ministry involvement took him to Europe for two and a half years, and then to India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka for nine years. The type of ministry he has experienced has ranged from personal witnessing, street meetings and public evangelistic meetings, to tentmaking relief work and ministry among fundamentalist Muslims.

In Pakistan, while involved in tentmaking ministry among the Afghan refugees, he married Maria, who had already been in Pakistan for several years helping to lead a ladies' ministry. Maria, who is from Italy, came to Christ at age twenty-four after her mother was miraculously healed and saved, and she saw the change God made in her mother's life. As an Italian, Maria is very close and attached to her family, but the love of God was stronger, and she obeyed His call on her life even when it took her as far away from her family as India and Pakistan. There she learned what it really means to trust and depend on God as her Father.

After getting married in 1985, Harvey and Maria made the decision to commit themselves to the ministry of helping Muslims know the living Word of God, Jesus Christ. At the end of the first Gulf War, they worked for nearly four years in northern Iraq in the Kurdish no-fly zone. After that they worked in a Spanish enclave in Morocco for five years.

Now, because of rising immigration and high birth rates, the number of Muslims is growing rapidly across the continent of Europe. Harvey and Maria are based in Italy where their ministry is involved in both reaching out to Muslims, and helping the evangelical church to catch a vision to share Christ with the growing numbers of Muslims in their midst.


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