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The best Christian material you can give to a Muslim is the New Testament. Many Muslims have come to Christ through simply reading the Word of God and having their hearts touched by the Spirit of God. For evangelism, the New Testament is usually preferable to the whole Bible, as it clearly proclaims Christ.

We've seen that New Testaments in Europe in Bengali (Bangladesh) and Urdu (Pakistan) were usually out of stock or priced way too high, so we finally decided to see how we could print them ourselves. In 2014, we received rights to print the New Testament in Bengali from the International Bible Society, now called Biblica (publishers of the English NIV Bible). We have printed 10,000 copies of the Bengali Living New Testament, and they are now available to purchase. We are selling them at cost, for a flat rate of 1.95€ plus shipping. If you are in Europe, and are interested in buying the Bengali Living New Testament to use in evangelism, you can write to us at


Bengali Living New Testament


Bengali NT cover


How to order the Bengali Living New Testament

Our contract with Biblica limits us to printing and selling the Bengali Living New Testament only inside Europe, so we can only take orders for people living within Europe. If you would like to make an order, please write to us at, with the quantities needed and the shipping address. We will figure out the cost of shipping and send you an invoice for the total needed with information on how to send payment. After payment is received, we will send you a paid invoice and ship the New Testamants to the mailing address.


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Urdu Geo Version New Testament


Urdu NT cover


Along with Bengali, Urdu New Testamants have been very hard to get in Europe, and for the same reasons; that they were out of stock or too expensive. However, we have not had to print the Urdu ourselves, as a brother in Sweden has recently done so, printing 10,000 copies in Germany. They are very good quality and cost 1.90€ when ordering 1000 or more, slightly more for smaller quantities.

 How to order the Urdu Geo Version New Testament

To order the Urdu Geo Version New Testament (a modern language translation), write to Roul Akesson at He is working on a web page for online orders, on the Bible for the Nations website,, but it is not quite ready yet.


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Arabic New Testaments


Bengali NT cover


1. Injil Sharif pocket New Testament: This is a dynamic translation of the New Testament done in a way to be more understandable to Muslims, using terms like Isa for Jesus and other names, and using expressions in a way that Muslims understand better. It does not distort Jesus to hide the fact that He is the Son of God, nor that of God the Father. You can order online by contacting Sharif Bibles at The price should be similar to the Urdu and Bengali NTs.

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Lingua Italiano


Seminar on Islam

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Watch a free, three part Seminar on Islam online.


Jesus & Muhammad

 Jesus and MuhammadMuhammad and Jesus

Free PDF downloads of the Jesus & Muhammad book in Arabic, Spanish, Italian, & Portuguese.


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