Understanding Islam


The following are some resources and books which we recommend for those who wish to learn more about Islam and how to minister to Muslims.

Answering Islam.org: This is an excellent site with many great and informative articles and books. Browse around, there's lots of material here to help you understand Islam and answer Muslims' questions. You'll find great free books by authors like John Gilchrist and others, such as AntiChrist: Islam's Awaited Messiah by Joel Richardson. If you want a good look at the history of Islam, read Sir William Muir's writings here.

Global Initiative: The Assemblies of God's own missions center focusing on reaching Muslims. Here you can learn how you can pray for Muslims, and also order free tracts and materials, as well as read free online materials.

Message for Muslims: a site good for Christians to learn more about Islam, and for Muslims to learn about the Christian faith and its sources.

Truthnet.org: A Christian site covering different religions, with some articles on Islam.

Islam Review: A Christian site with some articles on Islam.

Internet Islamic History Sourcebook: A site with many links to articles on Islamic history and beliefs.

Open Doors: information and prayer resources for the persecuted church, often in Muslim lands.

Loving a Muslim: a site with good information for non-Muslim women who are dating or are planning on marrying (or even already married to) a Muslim.

ArabBible: good software to help you learn Arabic using the Arabic New Testament

The Quran.com: contains detailed analysis of the Quran, produced by Arabic-speaking scholars from both Christian and apostate backgrounds. It also has a series of articles on particular suras and verses of interest. Here you can “examine many of the historical variant readings of the Quran, read the Quran more clearly and accurately, see abrogated verses alongside explanations within the text, examine the current sequence of the Quranic chapters in comparison to other historical codices, research many of the grammatical, historical, and scientific errors in the Quran, and examine a variety of internal contradictions within the Quran.”

Hadith Collection: a Muslim site with the major collections of hadith (the stories of what Muslims believe Muhammad said and did) that are the most accepted as authoritative by Muslims, by Bukhari and others.

Alim: An excellent free online site for investigating the Quran and the hadith (the stories and traditions of Muhammad's words and actions). Previously available as a Windows software program (now online only), Alim has several searchable Qurans in English, as well as the full authorized hadith collections of Bukhari and others, and more.


For the Muslim Viewpoint


If you want to see the Muslim perspective, the following are Islamic sites or sites with Islamic materials:

Al-Islam.org: An Islamic site, explaining Islam.

Islamic-Awareness: An Islamic website specifically dedicated to helping Muslims counter Christian beliefs and arguments.

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Seminar on Islam

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Jesus & Muhammad

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Free PDF downloads of the Jesus & Muhammad book in Arabic, Spanish, Italian, & Portuguese.


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